Our Vision

Find your place in God's story.


God accepts us all unconditionally- where and as we are. We acknowledge people journey toward Christ from different places and different speeds. We seek to help one another find their place in God’s story for their life. We pursue life together in grace and love. We accept that we are not a perfect church, and seek to share our joy as we grow together in Christ.

At Grace Alliance Chapel, we exist to make disciples of Jesus Christ by helping people find their place in God’s story. We believe faith is revealed in the actions of our lives in three key ways- How we know, grow, and show in relational directions to God:  up, in, and out.

  • Know- Upwardly, we want to gain in knowledge through our relationship with God by finding our identity and freedom in Christ alone. We do this through time with God in Bible reading, prayer, and passionate worship.
  • Grow- Inwardly, we want to grow in relationship with God’s people by fulfilling our role in God’s family. We do this by engaging in small groups, celebrating through Sunday worship, and continually seeking to support one another.
  • Show- Outwardly, we want to demonstrate a relationship with God’s world by living on mission. We do this by intentionally living our lives as servants and missionaries wherever God places us. We begin by joyfully using the gifts God has given us to serve the church, and seek to serve throughout our communities and the world.